supported bridge

Supported Bridge



Supported Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Level 1

Benefits: Back bending unsupported requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. When you add a block to this pose you are allowed to open your back slowly and safely.

Honest Tip: Supported bridge is a wonderful way to practice the backbend rules without risk of injury. In all backbends engage your low belly, relax your glutes, and allow your inner thighs to soften toward the floor.

supported reclined hero

Supported Reclined Hero Pose



Supported Reclined Hero

Supta Virasana

Level 2

Benefits: Reclined hero pose can seem impossible if you have knee, back, or ankle problems. Once you add props to this pose it becomes accessible to most people. Sit on a block bolster or folded up blankets, lean back onto your forearms, and rest your head on a block. This version of the pose will stretch your quads, psoas, hip flexors, and abdominals. Use this pose for relief from menstrual cramps, or to counter intense workouts.

Honest Tip: This is intended to be a restorative pose, so add as many props as you need to make this comfortable enough to stay in it for 3-10 minutes.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace.


Camel Pose



Camel Pose


Level 1

Benefits: The benefits of Camel pose are truly full body. It stretches your chest, abdominals, neck, thighs, psoas, and ankles. Camel pose stimulates the organs of your abdomen and neck, while strengthening your back muscles. It can be used to ease mild backache, digestive discomfort, fatigue, and anxiety.

Honest Tip: The bad habit in Camel is the desire to tighten your glutes, thrust your hips forward and fall back to your ankles dumping into your low back. Bad alignment in this pose misses the point. It takes the work out of creating space in every disk in your spine and over stretches the already flexible parts of your spine. Instead, keep your glutes soft and your hips above your knees; engage your low belly while softening your inner thighs and back. You will find that building support in the lower half of your body will allow your upper spine to stretch, which is so crucial in keeping our mobility as we age. If your ankles feel too far away bring your hands to your lower back, fingers pointing up. Then stretch up and back as far as you can breath calmly.

Now go pause, pose and find peace.