Desk Yoga: How to Practice It & Why It’s Totally OK to Do

Yoga is prescribed as the cure-all to a myriad of problems today. We are told that yoga helps with stress, depression, weight loss, muscle tightness, lack of fitness, too much fitness, prenatal, postnatal, assorted injuries—the list goes on. It seems to be the answer for all things physical and emotional. But when there is already no time for anything more in our day, finding time to stretch may, well…be a stretch. Getting to a yoga studio at the time your favorite teacher is there is often logistically impossible!

Have you ever thought about bringing your mat to work and stealing 30 minutes behind your desk for a yoga break? Your desk offers you more privacy than you think. Get to work early, stay a little late, or divide your lunch into segments—break out your mat, pop in your ear buds, and get your yoga on! Even 30 minutes of desk yoga will bring energy to your mid-day slump and clarity to your thoughts.

Worried about what other people will think? Let’s put that worry to bed right now. Everyone wishes that they had the discipline to make their health a priority—sometimes we simply need someone to show us the way! Let your practice inspire your co-workers, and make a statement about how you feel about yourself and your health. Inspire them to join you!

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