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The Popular styles of yoga


Yoga is everywhere today. While everyone thinks that they know what yoga is, it’s reality can be a bit elusive. So, Below, I’ve listed the very basic forms of the most popular styles of yoga and what to expect.

Hatha Yoga– Yoga, an ancient Sanskrit word that loosely translates as “union,” is a multifaceted system that has eight “limbs” which help the yoga practitioner lead a balanced and happy life. Some of the “limbs” relate to philosophy and ethics. When we think of Yoga today, it’s the limb of the Yoga tree named “Hatha”. Hatha describes the physical aspect of Yoga. So under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga there are particular innovations or ways to practice…the most popular are known as “Iyengar” and “Ashtanga.” When you see a Hatha yoga class on a studio schedule it usually means that it will be a yoga basics class at a beginner level.

Vinyasa– Vinyasa coordinates a series of movements (poses) with intentional breathing. Vinyasa style classes will use sun salutations and can often include a lot of movement. This is the style most popular in Los Angeles because it not only gives all of the benefits of yoga, it is also a great workout.

Ashtanga– Ashtanga yoga is a style of Vinyasa, but it is a set series of poses that don’t vary. There are six different Ashtanga yoga series. You move through the series at your own pace. The first series is 75 poses and takes about an hour and a half to complete. The second series is similar but is only available once you have mastered the first series.


Yoga has been a gift in my life and, as a parent, it’s a gift that I want to share with my kids. Integrating yoga into their lives at a young age consciously prepares them for its benefits and challenges, making it a part of their physical, mental, and emotional development in fundamental ways. Of course, different children have different abilities and.. Read More at the Honest blog –>


Living intentionally allows you to be in the present moment and empowers you to masterfully manifest the experiences you ultimately want to create in your life. A complete lifestyle overhaul isn’t required to restore this balance to your go-go life, either — small changes can bring great rewards. Here are five simple tools that will positively impact the way you live your day-to-day life: Read More at the Honest blog –>

How I Became a Fan of Online Yoga Classes

The idea of following along with a yoga video from the Internet has long floated around in my head filed away next to internet dating. Probably cool for others, I thought, but not for me. I had my studio with the teachers I liked, and classes in the style I wanted.
But I often overheard students whisper the names of buzzy yoga websites while slipping on my shoes after yoga class: “Yoga vibes,” “Yoga Glo,” “Yogi’s Anonymous” seemed to be the most popular.
Like many of us, I have a busy life. I have two small children who are not on my… Read More at the Honest blog –>

How to Build a Mantra

We all know how worry and anxiety cause such great distress in our lives, yet few of us know how to use a mantra to build a different mental and spiritual awareness. The word “mantra” has an exotic ring to it. Some say the word mantra has two parts: “man,” which in Sanskrit means “mind,” and “tra,” which means “instrument.” A mantra is therefore an instrument of the.. Read More at the Honest blog –>

Desk Yoga: How to Practice It & Why It’s Totally OK to Do

Yoga is prescribed as the cure-all to a myriad of problems today. We are told that yoga helps with stress, depression, weight loss, muscle tightness, lack of fitness, too much fitness, prenatal, postnatal, assorted injuries—the list goes on. It seems to be the answer for all things physical and emotional. But when there is already no time for anything more in our day, finding time to stretch may..
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