W.H.Y. – for everybody

Why it’s for you

  • You love yoga and want deepen your daily practice
  • You are new to yoga and are curious if it is right for you
  • You want to add yoga into your current exercise routine
  • You are ready for mental and physical wellness

At the urging of my clients, I developed a program for everybody! I understand how challenging it can be to get a balanced work out in every day, so I’ve created 3 multi-level programs with different durations and intensity. With yoga changing and evolving, I decided to share my version of flow, sculpt, and quick  yoga. My hope is that wherever you are in your practice, whatever you are doing in your fitness routine, I can help you can fit yoga in on a daily basis. Yoga is the only completely well rounded way of exercising that I’ve discovered and I’m committed to making it accessible and satisfying to the novice as well as the advanced practitioner.

set by set:

25 min.
A Simple set designed to warm you up quickly so that you can stretch deeply. Use it as the perfect compliment to spinning, running, and hiking. Or if you are short on time and need a quick yoga fix.

45 min.
This power sculpt set combines weights and yoga to bring balanced strength to your body and practice.

65 min.
A total body yoga experience that includes twists, arm balance, abdominal work, and deep relaxing stretches.

Bonus 10 minute meditation
A 10 min morning routine when you need a quick pick me up

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we heart yoga – for everybody